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This is how training is fun - good luck without much effort. Simply by carrying the hand weights made of neoprene, you give every exercise unit a new impulse. With the thumb loops' help, cuffs can be positioned precisely and stay in the correct position thanks to the robust hook and loop system. The soft neoprene fabric is skin-friendly and yet powerful enough to withstand even the most demanding training demands. Due to the availability of two different weight sizes, you can decide how much additional load is good for them. It is advisable to start with the light hand weights and only after a period of getting used to it, to fall back on the higher weight class.

  • robust neoprene fabric
  • thumbhole for a perfect fit
  • simple hook and loop system
  • 2 selectable weight sizes: 500 g / 750 g

Weight gloves “Neoprene”

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