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You can always cope with the pressure to perform in sports with the TOP TEN neoprene weight vest. The narrow cut of the vest does not restrict your movements, and the additional weight of either 5 or 8 kilograms pushes you to top performance. The ballast is non-slip in the neoprene pockets and does not interfere with your movements. Adjustable buckles and robust nylon straps ensure a secure hold. So that you can also be seen well during outdoor sessions in the twilight, TOP TEN has bordered the black neoprene fabric with a contrasting red or green band. The additional weight from the neoprene vest boosts the metabolism and significantly increases your performance with the same training effort.

  • durable neoprene vest
  • contrasting piping for better visibility
  • weight in 5 or 8 kilograms
  • resizable

TOP TEN Weight vest Neoprene Code 824

Sales Tax Included
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