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Getting into the professional area is easy with the right equipment. The high-quality version of the “Pro” Speedball Platform Set by TOP TEN clears the way for professional training sessions. On the 4 cm thick wooden plate, with a diameter of approx. 65 cm, there is the pivot bearing (# 438-0000) in the center, in which the enclosed Speedball (# 1122-4000) is simply hung. The platform is held by a strong steel structure made of square tubes. With a total of 8 fixation points, you can mount the Speedball Platform Set “Pro” on a solid wall made of concrete or stone. Please make sure that you use the appropriate heavy-duty dowels and screws.

  • complete
  • 4 cm thick wooden plate with 65 cm diameter
  • professional pivot
  • height adjustable
  • Leather Speedball

TOP TEN Speedball platform set “Pro” incl. Speedball

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