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With this Rash Guard from the TOP TEN “COMBat” collection, things will run smoothly for you. Whether MMA training, strength exercises, or fitness is on your plan, the “COMBat” doesn’t care. The short-sleeved sports shirt impresses with its skin-tight fit and noticeable pressure load. As a result, your muscles are pre-tensioned just by wearing them, and the risk of injury in sports is significantly reduced. The polyester and elastane material mix makes the TOP TEN shirt flexible in all directions. With the raglan sleeves, there are no limits to your range of motion in the “COMBat.” In addition to the unmistakable honeycomb design, contrasting cover seams set effective accents. Easy-care properties round off the overall concept of the “COMBat” rash guard.

  • figure-hugging fit
  • breathable functional fabric
  • non-slip waistband
  • light compression support

TOP TEN Rash Guard “COMBat”

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