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Get your stable and custom-fit mouth guard “PROTEXSMILE” from TOP TEN. The anatomical plastic splint can be thermally adjusted (see instructions) and firmly encloses the row of teeth and the gums. The biocompatible material is particularly well tolerated and the air vents allow good breathing despite closed teeth. Chimneys or frontal face hits are absorbed by the bite guard “PROTEXSMILE”. Thus, the impact energy does not reach the brain via the jaw and the oral cavity - your shield against concussion and Co. Whether in training or in competition, a mouth guard should always be part of your safety equipment, as many an unprotected hit otherwise quickly leads to irreparable Damage to toes or jaws.

  • anatomically
  • biocompatible material
  • different color models

TOP TEN Mouth guard “PROTEXSMILE” transparent Code 225

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