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With the “4Tactical” grappling gloves, TOP TEN is aimed at professionals in the security service, employees in personal and security protection, and police and army teams. These gloves are a thoughtful work of art in functionality and safety. The striking surface and the finger guides are covered with high-quality genuine leather, while the special gel pad around the wrist area has a synthetic leather surface. Even the finger guide is exceptionally worked on this model series. In contrast to pure sports gloves, the index finger can be moved freely via a wide elastic band so that shooting exercises can also be carried out with the “4Tactical” grappling gloves. Inside, a neoprene lining ensures trouble-free wearing comfort and balanced climate management. The “4Tactical” grappling gloves can be put on and taken off independently without a great deal of time using a solid hook and loop fastener.

  • divided protection zones
  • for grip and throwing techniques
  • elaborate shooting finger
  • dimensionally stable padding

TOP TEN MMA Grappling gloves “4Tactical” Leather Code 23311

Sales Tax Included
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