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For extreme demands, TOP TEN designed the impact pad “Extreme”. The large impact cushion is rounded and in a slightly curved shape particularly suitable for hard demands in MMA or Muay Thai. But other martial artists will get their money's worth with the “Extreme”. With shock-absorbing padding, it swallows the full energy and can be used flexibly over numerous breakpoints. In order to make the shock pad durable and easy to care for, it is made of 100% smooth imitation leather. A sturdy and tear-resistant seam guide guarantees you a long training pleasure with the impact pad “Extreme” of the traditional brand TOP TEN. The simple color design in black/red together with the abrasion-resistant TOP TEN Company Print is both sporty and timeless.

  • ergonomically curved impact pad
  • multilayer padding
  • numerous breakpoints
  • resistant artificial leather cover

TOP TEN Kicking shield “Extreme” Code 13651

SKU: 13651-9005
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