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At stressed areas, such as on the stomach, kidneys, and thighs, the “Bodyguard Xtra” is up to 7 cm padded. It covers the most sensitive areas of the body over a large area and guarantees you a high level of protection. The Padding of compressed multi-layer foam is enclosed in a robust and easy-care cover made of synthetic leather. For a better distribution of the impact forces, the training set can be made tight with numerous hook and loop straps. For more flexibility, the thigh protectors can be easily removed depending on the training content. The sleek black design of the suit is spiced up by the colorful upholstery and piping in orange or green. Train injury-free all variations of kicks, punches, and bumps and trust the safety performance of “Bodyguard Xtra”.

  • individual fixation
  • excellent protection performance
  • reinforced zones
  • thigh protection removable

TOP TEN Kicking shield “Bodyguard Xtra” Code 3331

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