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From beginners to professionals - a jump rope is the ideal training tool for all performance levels. In its light design, the jump rope with PVC-coated steel rope impresses with its particularly smooth running. It swings perfectly with both slow and fast turns. Twisting of the rope is impossible, thanks to the stable design and the ergonomic handles. Also, the length of the rope can be shortened so that you can hold an individually tailored training device in your hands in just a few simple steps. But jumping is not the only thing that matters. As your pulse rises with the number of beats and speed, your full concentration is required. Brain jogging with a difference - with the jump rope from the Budoland online shop.

  • adjustable length
  • PVC coated steel cable
  • ergonomic plastic handles
  • for beginners and advanced

TOP TEN Jump rope PVC with rope made of steel

SKU: 0309
Sales Tax Included
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