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Safe is safe, and that's why the “Muay Thai-Set” from TOP TEN is a real hit financially. Put together by genuine martial arts professionals, we offer you comprehensive protective equipment with head protection, elbow and shin protection, as well as high-performance boxing gloves. Of course, the right look for your appearance in the ring should be present. You are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with the IFMA Competition Shirt Salamaa and the IFMA Competition Shorts Prachao. The TOP TEN “Muay Thai Set” is completely IFMA certified so that you don't just celebrate your big performances in the gym or sports studio at home. So, you can go directly from training to the competition arena.

  • TOP TEN genuine leather head protection “Jarot Muay”
  • TOP TEN genuine leather boxing gloves “Mad”
  • textile TOP TEN elbow protection “Sok”
  • light TOP TEN shin guard “Dae”
  • competition shirt “Salamaa” TOP TEN
  • competition shorts “Prachao” TOP TEN
  • complete set equipped with IFMA label

TOP TEN IFMA Muay-Thai-Set

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