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In a new edition, the belly shield “Heavy Duty” now appears even softer and more mobile, thanks to new foam composition. The over 6 cm thick main cushion is reinforced at the front and on the sides again with about 3 cm thick additional cushions. Thus, you do not mind lateral kicks and bumps, because the impact energy is immediately distributed over the entire surface. The outer skin is made of abrasion-resistant and durable synthetic leather. The inside is fabric-related and worked very soft for even better comfort. The abdominal shield is fixed by a harness and a wide back strap, which is soft underlaid on the sides. With this belly shield, you can go as a trainer without danger in the realistic self-defense training or practice competitive situations in full strength.

  • optimized protection for stomach & waist
  • customizable harness system
  • lightweight, thick foam pad
  • durable synthetic leather cover

TOP TEN Belly Protector “Heavy Duty” 3330

Sales Tax Included
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