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TOP TEN has tailored the thigh protection “Kao” to the demands of Thai boxing. Equipped with extra cushioning padding, the protectors are the guarantee for largely injury-free martial arts training. Kicks, punches, and bumps are intercepted ideally, and the energy is distributed over the entire upholstery surface, around 9 cm thick. This extends far beyond the outer thighs. The cover of the “Kao” thigh pads made of hard-wearing artificial leather is adapted to the challenges of the full-contact sport of Thai boxing. You can wear the two protective pads individually, depending on the training focus. This means that one foot remains free to move while the other is well protected and can dodge attacks from your training partner. The two-tone design turns the “Kao” protective protectors into a stylish sports outfit.

  • upholstery thickness about 9 cm
  • attachment via 3 hook and loop straps
  • outer material synthetic leather
  • skin-friendly inside
  • supplied in pairs

Thigh protection “Kao” IFMA

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