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The TOP TEN Sport tape brings you an indescribable balance of stability and mobility. With the 100 cm long and optionally 2,5 cm, 3.8 cm or 5 cm wide inelastic plaster strips in white, can avoid extreme overloading. In the martial arts disciplines, these often occur on the hands, knuckles, and joints. Especially after a healed injury, the area should be spared, but without restricting its mobility. A modular tape dressing can also be done by yourself with expert guidance. You should ensure that the plaster strips are not stuck on open wounds or irritated skin. With the TOP TEN sports tape, you can actively prevent painful attacks. Professionals appreciate our adhesive strips for fixing the gauze bandages in the competition area.

  • not elastic
  • high adhesive strength
  • white with TOP TEN logo
  • wave design for easy tear off


SKU: 2301-1250
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