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Bandaging is easier and faster not possible. The TOP TEN Quickwrap “Gel Shock” bandages combine the simplicity of a glove with the protective effect of a professional sports bandage. Special protection zones create the Gel-Shock deposits and offer maximum safety with absolutely fantastic wearing comfort. With a length of 250 cm elastic wrap bandage, the “Gel Shock” can be individually adapted to your hands. The size range of the bandage in S-M and L-XL ensures a perfect fit. The neoprene fabric of the glove part lies close to the skin, without constricting it. Thus, your fingers remain free to move despite the strong fixation. The design is attractively neutral with the colors black and silver.

  • gel inserts
  • high impact absorption
  • attractive design
  • 250 cm wrapping bandage
  • Material neoprene; gel shock insoles

Quickwrap “Gel Shock” Code 2305

Sales Tax Included
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