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Hayashi's “Premium Kumite” Gi is in a class of its own. The snow-white karate suit is an excellent choice for athletes with competition ambitions, but it also asserts itself in daily training with its first-class properties. What is striking about the “Premium Kumite” is the unique fiber structure, which makes the Gi light and highly resilient. You don't need to worry about cracks or chafing with this karate uniform from Hayashi - this Gi is made by professionals and knows what is essential in karate. The “Premium Kumite” Gi ensures carefree moments on the mat with numerous mesh inserts, which can be found on the jacket and pants.

  • jacket to tie
  • trousers with elastic and drawstring
  • Kickstep insert
  • light but robust fiber structure
  • Material 100 % polyester

Karate-Gi “Premium Kumite” (WKF approved) Code 0473

Sales Tax Included
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