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Budo-Nord Empi Ju-Jutsu Uniform is probably the most common beginner costume in Swedish ju-jutsukai.

The uniform is crafted from a mixed fabric with a nice cotton texture. The uniform is comfortable to wear and is is very easy to wash and keep fresh.

The Budo-Nord EMPI was originally designed as a beginner's karate uniform.

The uniform is lightweight and comfortable to wear during workouts and this ensured a fast rise in popularity.

The affordable price makes the empi a very popular children's uniform, but it does also swing well with adults.

The Budo-Nord Empi comes in our standard cut, and the featured sketch shows the approximate fit.

There is hardly any need to consider any possible shrinkage when choosing between sizes.

We do recommend that you wash the uniform in 60 degrees celcius, and at this temperature the length of the trousers and jacket will shrink 1-2% when washed for the first time. The sleeves does not present any measurable shrinkage.

The uniform is delivered complete with a jacket, a pair of trousers and a white belt.


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