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The Karate belts of Hayashi are characterized by their absolutely convincing nature. They are made of 100% cotton and therefore promise a long life. Cotton is a purely natural product and probably the oldest cultivated plant in the world. Almost 1/3 of all textiles today consist of this raw material. The individual fabric layers are sewn together several times, which qualifies the belt as a strong opponent against tugging and pulling. Nothing slips and your suit stays securely locked where it belongs. The belts are available in all Kyu level colors and are abrasion resistant. Since the belts do not come into direct physical contact, washing is not necessary. If you need it or want it, please treat your belt as a hand wash. By the way, a hand wash is also an insider tip to make your belt smoother in the beginning.

  • many Lengths
  • all colors of Kyu levels
  • sewn multiple times
  • easy to tie

Hayashi karate belts single color

Sales Tax Included
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