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In the competition, all athletes should start under the same conditions. The rules of the World Karate Federation prescribe in its competitions, among other things, the protective equipment to be worn. To the belt also belongs, which holds the Gi together. Here you do not wear the belt color of your actual training level but get either the blue or red belt. The color here says nothing about your level of knowledge. The classification into the individual competition groups takes place over age and weight classes. The slightly glossy polyester satin gives the karate belt from the House of Hayashi a high-quality look and thus brings over competition feeling. The WKF approved label is applied visibly in color on the obi.

  • sewn several times
  • high-quality gloss optics
  • with WKF approval
  • 40 mm width

Karatae belts (with WKF-Label)

Sales Tax Included
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