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By renouncing the use of animal raw materials, the “Ajarn” imitation leather sparring gloves are the entry into a resource-saving martial arts world. The properties of the high-quality PU synthetic leather are in no way inferior to the natural material. On the contrary, its robust cover makes the “Ajarn” perfect for frequent training use. Adapted to the needs of Muay Thai, the fist protectors have robust padding. You will not only find this on the outside of the hand. The palm area is also equipped with it so that you are guaranteed the best security when performing sparring drills with the “Ajarn.” TOP TEN guides the hook and loop fastener through a reinforced strap on the IFMA gloves for a secure fit. In addition to the outstanding design, the extended shaft of the imitation leather boxing gloves also catches the eye. With noticeably more stability, you not only use jab, hook, and cross precisely against your sparring partner in your Thai boxing training.

  • durable PU cover
  • high-damping padding
  • Padded palm
  • temperature regulating
  • perfect fit

IFMA Sparring gloves “Ajarn” synthetic Leather Code 22193

Sales Tax Included
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