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Start your next sparring round well protected with the “Emotion” head protection from TOP TEN. The outside of the protector consists of a robust and washable nubuck synthetic leather cover. Inside, high-quality padding made of dimensionally stable EVA foam ensures the best damping properties. The ear area is reinforced so that injuries to the eardrum from direct blows are prevented. In addition to the chinstrap, an adjustable hook and loop strip on the back of the head and adjustable lacing on the top ensure a non-slip fit of your “Emotion” head protection. Despite the extensive cheekbone protection, the field of vision remains free in “Emotion,” which means you can always control your footwork and opponents.

  • multiple customization options
  • hard-wearing material selection
  • protected ear area
  • extensive cheekbone protection

Headguard “Emotion” - blue-mist-blue 4243

Sales Tax Included
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