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With the IBA-labelled TOP TEN head protection, safety and wearing comfort are not competing but form an inseparable unit. The genuine leather head protection has a soft surface, which matches the material's natural properties. The inside has a slightly roughened fabric cover. The IBA head protection sits completely non-slip and, at the same time, wicks sweat away from your skin. The closure system of the leather head protection IBA can be individually adjusted to its wearer with adjustable hook and loop straps on the back of the head, on the top of the head, and in the chin area. So that you always stay in contact with your coach, the head protection has an open ear area. A central bar prevents a possible vacuum in the case of direct hits, with which the IBA once again makes its high safety efforts clear.

  • soft genuine leather cover
  • skin-friendly inner material
  • high-quality EVA foam pad
  • tested several times for protective effect TU Berlin

TOP TEN Head Guard made of genuine leather incl. IBA label Code 40691

Sales Tax Included
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