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Getting into the ring in sparring without proper head protection can have serious consequences. The TOP TEN head guard with cheekbone protection is ideal for frequent sparring sessions. Its dimensionally stable foam core under a soft genuine leather cover absorbs the impact of the head and face considerably. Experienced athletes know that blows to the head always leave noticeable marks and that reducing injuries must come first. To ensure that the head protection fits perfectly, TOP TEN has integrated an intelligent hook and loop system, enabling stepless adjustment in the respective size range. The ear area is reinforced and worked wide so that your hearing is not impaired. The padding on the cheekbone rests precisely and promises a clear view of your opponent.

  • real leather head protection
  • dimensionally stable foam
  • adjustment with Velcro system
  • significantly absorbs the impact

Head Guard for sparring with cheekbone protection - black-red Leather

SKU: 4043-9003
Sales Tax Included
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