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Get on your way and experience your sport in all its facets at every level. With the 300 cm long Kung Fu sashes, Hayashi brings a lot of color to the mat. The graduation system through the colored satin belts should make it easier for the students to compare their level of knowledge with other athletes to learn together. The light material can be easily tied and is long enough to be used as a standard model in a club or studio. The sash is tied at hip height, and you can choose your favorite from various tying techniques. The colored belts have a high motivational factor, as the next level of performance can be visualized.

  • slight shine
  • durable polyester material
  • wide range of colors
  • with an ideal length of 300 cm
  • Material 100% polyester

HAYASHI Kung Fu Sash Code 129

Sales Tax Included
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