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National and international WKF tournaments are on your schedule? Then the Hayashi Karate Gi Set “Air Deluxe Competition” should not be missing from your sports bag. With the WKF regulation changes for January 2023, you need a Karategi with a red and blue embroidered jacket for tournaments in the World Championships, Karate 1, Premier League, Series A, and the Youth League. The “Air Deluxe Competition” is available as a set with one pair of pants and two jackets as a faithful companion in competitions and convinces with the best properties of a textile lightweight. Its unique fabric structure makes the karate suit extraordinarily resilient and durable. Multiple mesh inserts support feel-good climate management so that you don’t run out of breath under full pressure. The flattened edges of the jacket have also prevailed in the “Air Deluxe Competition” Karate Gi set for an athletic look.

  • Set of pants and two jackets
  • Hayashi shoulder stick 1x red; 1x blue
  • WKF approved label
  • lightweight, functional material
  • sporty cut

HAYASHI Karate-Gi Set “Air Deluxe Competition” Kumite (WKF approved)

Sales Tax Included
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