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Patience is a virtue. Not only active karatekas from the field of kata karate know this, but we also know that. It was over a year before we had our “Katamori” karate suit so far that it could go into production. The patience paid off, and we can now look at a karate suit that shows true greatness. Just the robust fabric’s selection, with a 13 oz fabric weight made from pre-washed cotton with a slight blue tinge, and the combination of traditional cutting specifications, such as the Hakama style of the pants, gave our team of consultants and us a lot of overtime. We have paid great attention to the smallest details. To seal the seams on the jacket’s side slits, reinforcement trims are underlaid from the inside. So there are no limits to your joy of movement and dynamism in the karate suit “Katamori”.

  • approved by the WKF
  • colored shoulder embroidery optionally in white/blue/red
  • shrinks only slightly during washing
  • Hakama-style trousers with laces
  • Mesh inserts for more comfort
  • light blue shimmer in the fabric

HAYASHI Karate-Gi “Katamori” (WKF approved) KATA

Sales Tax Included
Color: WHITE
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