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Stay cool, little boys, teens, and men can do that with the WKF approved groin guard by Hayashi. The jockstrap is perfect for use in martial arts. The cup made of hard plastic can be easily inserted into the breathable mesh cover. About push buttons, the shell is clipped on the wide and elastic rubber waistband. Due to the rounded and soft edges of the protector fits comfortably and keeps everything slip-proof in the right place. The interchangeable cups not only make the neck protector extremely hygienic but also ensure extra safety. The material is pressure and impact-resistant, which greatly minimizes the risk of injury from accidental blows.

  • elastic waistband
  • exchangeable cup
  • 3 different sizes
  • WKF approved

HAYASHI Cup, jockstrap (WKF approved) Code 202

18,00 €Price
Sales Tax Included
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