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The elastic “Military” boxing bandages from TOP TEN with a length of 250 cm take a lot of responsibility for your safety. The material is easy to wrap and can absorb a lot of moisture. Thus you protect your boxing gloves from internal destruction by moisture and bacteria and at the same time ensure a comfortable feeling on your hands. The “Military” is an essential part of the basic equipment in martial arts and, in addition to padding in the glove, serves to prevent serious hand injuries actively. With the correct wrapping technique, the width of 5 cm allows you to form a closed area of your fingers, which results in a noticeably better distribution of force. The TOP TEN “Military” boxing bandages are equipped with a hook and loop fastening system to make swaddling easy.

  • color selection in camouflage pattern
  • 250 cm length
  • 5 cm wide
  • hook and loop fastener
  • thumb loop

Hand-Wraps, elastic boxing bandage “Military” - 250 cm 23031

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