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real friend at your side, that’s the “Remote” double end ball from TOP TEN. This training partner always has time for you and accompanies you everywhere with a total weight of around 9 kg. In addition to the actual punch ball, the set includes metal carabiners for attaching the elastic straps and latching them onto the ceiling hook. Below, the “Remote” double-ended ball is held with an approximately 8 kg sand weight with a diameter of 25 cm. The system is a lot of fun with the foam-filled ball and can be used by all ages and performance levels. With its cover made of hard-wearing synthetic leather, the “Remote” double-end ball meets all the requirements for use in community sports.

  • complete set with ball, ribbons, carabiners + ground weight
  • length from 150 – 235 cm
  • circumference of the ball about 75 cm
  • ball filled with foam / made in EU
  • MaterialBall Cover: 100% Polyurethane; ball filling: foam; Metal eyelets and carabiners, sand weight, elastic ropes

Double end ball “Remote” Code 11251

SKU: 11251
Sales Tax Included
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