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According to the International Federation of Amateur Muaythai (IFMA), young Muay Thai athletes must wear protective vests during competitions. TOP TEN designed the “Jot Muay” protective vest for the U23s and thus provided the youth sector with high-quality safety equipment. The protector protects the stomach and chest area from excessive strain from kicks, bumps, and hits in the typical corner colors of red and blue. The upper body is also well covered on the sides due to the wingtips reaching backward. The neck and armholes of the “Jot Muay” vest leave enough room for you to move freely. To meet the highest hygienic standards, the cover made of hard-wearing synthetic leather can be easily cleaned and disinfected if necessary.

Additional advantages:

  • ergonomic shape
  • robust artificial leather cover in red or blue
  • Size-adjustable carrier system
  • skin-friendly inner lining
  • high-performance padding

Chest guard “Jot Muay” IFMA Code 3327

70,00 €Price
Sales Tax Included
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