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The black steel ceiling hook is perfect for the bomb-proof installation of your training equipment on the ceiling. There are already 2 holes on the perforated plate, so the hole pattern can be transferred to the concrete ceiling with a precise fit. With a total of 2 fastening screws (not included in the scope of delivery), the ceiling hook withstands the highest loads. The steel ring leaves a lot of swing space for the punching bag. The energy transfer can also be contained using an optional intermediate bag spring. There is nothing standing in the way of the creative design of your training area with the black ceiling hook because the ceiling attachment allows you to place your training equipment such as punching bag, punching ball, or speedball individually in the room.

  • stable ceiling suspension
  • hole pattern for 2-way securing
  • ring with a lot of swing space
  • without fasteners
  • load capacity of 35 kg

Ceiling hook black For up to 35 kg Kick Bags 495

SKU: 495-9000
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