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Experience a new training concept with the “Pound 4 Pound” boxing machine on your wall. The steel construction, weighing 11.7 kg, requires professional assembly before it can really get going. At the height of 60 cm, the two-part impact pad runs completely resistance-free and quietly on the rotary thread. Every hit on one of the 13 cm thick pads is immediately converted into a rotational movement. Now it’s all about your speed and responsiveness. Use your fists and elbows and build your skills in seconds on the Pound 4 Pound boxing machine. Not every turn has to be ended with a counter hit because ducking in front of the 30 cm long extension also puts you in an advantageous position later in the ring. Find your stroke rhythm on the “Pound 4 Pound” and increase your hand-eye coordination with each round.

  • easy wall mounting / total weight 11.7 kg
  • height of rotary threaded rod: 60 cm / distance to the wall: 40 cm
  • 2 punching pads with imitation leather cover
  • Material Wall bracket: powder-coated steel; Strike Pad: Polyurethane, molded foam

Boxing machine “Pound 4 Pound” Code 4129

SKU: 4129-9000
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