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For more women quota is not only politics and business, but the sport of boxing is also relying more and more on women's power. Top Ten has launched the boxing gloves “Woman”, a women's glove suitable for competition, which leaves nothing to be desired in terms of fit and design. Their sensational damping properties are given to the “Woman” by a fixation foam made of PPS. This material is ergonomically preformed during manufacture and incorporated as a single piece into the robust and high-quality nubuk artificial leather cover. The handset seams are particularly strong and do not burst even under intense load. All 3 design variants, black/gold, white/pink or white/gold are available as a 10 oz glove.

  • attenuation by PPS
  • extra narrow cut
  • strong hook and loop closure
  • unique ventilation system

Boxing Gloves “Woman” for women 10 Oz Small Code 2242

Sales Tax Included
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