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A new era is beginning for you because with the TOP TEN boxing gloves, “Power Ink Black`n`Black”, you get high-quality long-term equipment for your martial arts. The black, slightly shiny TOP TEN lettering in the typical design of the TOP TEN Power Ink product series runs over the outside of the hand. The closed mittens have a black imitation leather cover, which is exceptionally hard-wearing and easy to care for. Notable safety features such as the fixed thumb and a strong hook and loop cuff for the best grip give the “Power Ink Black`n`Black” boxing gloves a high protection factor. In addition, the padding made of highly compressed molded foam ensures the best absorption properties. The “Power Ink Black`n`Black” boxing gloves owe their exceptionally comfortable fit to their ergonomic fit and the climate-regulating inner lining.

high-quality faux leather cover

perfect fit

hook and loop cuff for fixation

skin-friendly inner lining

Boxing gloves “Power Ink Black`n`Black” Code 22662

Sales Tax Included
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