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At TOP TEN even the smallest athletes show their skills. Nursery school children are already getting into the world of martial arts with the fight cat campaign. Of course, the movement friends and the expansion of the general sporting abilities of the combat cats are in the foreground of the campaign. For the young athletes to feel great, TOP TEN has developed the “Kampfkatzen” boxing gloves in a matching design. First experiences in controlled impact training on claws or sandbags, can be made injury-free with the boxing gloves perfectly tailored to children's hands. With the weight sizes of 4/6/8 oz grow the “Fighting cats” boxing gloves with the skills of the child. Since they are all made of durable synthetic leather, the easy-care boxing gloves promise long durability.

  • strong damping
  • child-friendly design
  • 4/6/8 ounce gloves
  • child-friendly hook and loop closure

TOP TEN Boxing Gloves “Kampfkatzen” KIDS Code 2346

Sales Tax Included
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