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The word “Naa” comes from Thai and means something like a front. The IFMA abdominal belt “Naa” is used precisely there: on the front of your stomach. With its cover made of robust artificial leather, the outside has a smooth surface, while the soft inner material protects the contact surface on the skin from irritation. With its reinforced impact zone and the additional side pads, the hit areas are doubly safeguarded on the one hand and are immediately visible on the other. Due to the rounded shape, the IFMA Belly “Naa” belly protection adapts to the body's natural shape. TOP TEN ensures a firm hold with this training equipment with a wide and robust hook and loop fastener, which is closed on the back. The “Naa” belly pad in Muaythai is a valuable training tool with excellent protective properties.

  • striking surface: imitation leather
  • double padding
  • skin-friendly inner lining
  • strong hook and loop fastener

Belly Protector “Naa” IFMA

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