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Breakthrough your own performance level with the TOP TEN “Breaker” weight cuff. With the optionally 500, 750, 1000-gram heavy cuffs made of genuine leather for a noticeable increase in your strength and endurance. The division into 4 segments makes the fine balls of weight inside the “Breaker” weight cuff balanced around your boxing glove. To put it on, the narrow bar is loosened from the hook and loop fastener and passed between the thumb and striking surface over the palm of your boxing glove. After the hook and loop strap end is placed on the counterpart, the wide closure with the TOP TEN label sewn onto the back of the hand can be closed. The “Breaker” weight cuff makes training on the sandbag a real challenge and can also be used in sparring.

Other advantages:

  • easy attachment to the boxing glove
  • high-quality real leather cuff
  • balanced weight distribution
  • suitable for sandbag & sparring box gloves
  • 3 weights to choose from: 500, 750, 1000 grams

Weight cuff “Breaker”

30,00 €Τιμή
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