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Especially at close range, uppercuts, also called uppercuts, are probably the most effective shots. The “Uppercut” Training bag by TOP TEN is ideal for studying complex movements. The horizontal punching bag made of tear-resistant synthetic leather has a diameter of 30 cm, is 85 cm long and weighs approximately 18 kg. The “Uppercut” can easily be attached to your training station/punching bag attachment using the straps with metal eyelets. For a realistic punch training, we recommend inserting a punching bag spring, which is available separately in the shop. In its handy shape and comfortable upholstery, the “Uppercut” brings rapid success in martial arts training such as kickboxing, Taekwon-Do, Thai boxing, boxing, and MMA.

  • tear-resistant robust seams
  • resistant synthetic leather surface
  • nylon suspension
  • long life
  • Dimensions: 85 cm length/ 30 cm diameter

Training bag “Uppercut” (filled) - black

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