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Night-black with a tight fit - that's the “Black Night” Sports Bra by TOP TEN. It is the perfect base layer because it doesn't show up despite the tight fit. Nevertheless, it also convinces as a breathtaking sports top. With its highly functional material mix of polyester and Lycra, the “Black Night” has a slightly supportive effect and creates a beautiful chest area. Soft, exchangeable foam pads increase the bra's protective function so that you can enjoy your workout without worrying. A wide underbust elastic holds the “Black Night” securely in place, while a cross-elastic stretch 

  • light support function
  • removable foam trays
  • dimensionally stable functional fabric
  • precise fit

TOP TEN Sports Bra “Black Night”

32,00 €Τιμή
ΦΠΑ Περιλαμβάνεται
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