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Small vs Big - here comes the big brother of our Hayashi Bestseller # 461-9003. With its substantial larger form, Hayashi's straight “Extreme” shock pad is extremely accurate. Whether strokes, knee kicks or kicks - with the “Extreme” your energy is now no limits. The high-quality core of multi-layered foam ensures unique shock absorption and protects athletes and owners from serious injuries. With a shell made of durable synthetic leather “Extreme” is particularly easy to care for and represents a long martial arts pleasure. Hayashi has designed the pad to meet the needs of the Far Eastern martial arts, but athletes from other disciplines such as MMA or Muay Thai will also get their money's worth with “Extreme”.

  • robust artificial leather cover
  • multi-layered upholstery
  • reinforced seams
  • high load capacity

HAYASHI Kicking shield “Extreme” - straight, black-red Code 461

SKU: 461-9003
100,00 €Τιμή
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