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Completely sloping, our TOP TEN Thaipad “Slanty.” The dimensionally stable punch pad has a slight inclination of the face so that it easily withstands even hard kicking and punching sequences. The “Slanty” with its approximately 8 cm thick padding made of highly compressed foam ensures safety. The cover made of genuine leather is first-class sewn and gives the “Slanty” a fresh look in its numerous color variations. The TOP TEN quality of the Thaipad is visible through distinctive label prints. The width of the surface decreases slightly from 19 cm down to 17 cm. The back of the pad is all about safety and comfort for the holder. With a padded handle and 2 double hook and loop straps, you always have a firm grip on the “Slanty.”

  • slight curvature
  • compact padding
  • 3-way fixation
  • padded forearm guide

TOP TEN Thaipad “Slanty” Leather

ΤιμήΑπό 78,00 €
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