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MMA requires full body control. Your power comes from the legs, the middle of the body and explodes over your fists. So that your power can flow undisturbed, we have specially designed the gloves “Strinking C-Type”. By itself, the protectors have an anatomically perfect basic shape and let your hands slide into the protective basic shape. Furthermore, Top Ten has worked out and perfected a particular detail. All your inner finger joints remain fully mobile despite the handguards. You can shape your winning fist without hindrance - full freedom of movement for full deployment. The upper material is made of 100% leatherette very high quality and has on the clubface durable padding.

  • Anti Slip inner material
  • EVOFLEX gel pad
  • long life
  • innovative detail solutions

TOP TEN MMA Striking Gloves “Striking C-Type”

35,00 €Τιμή
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