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The black and yellow “Heavy Jumper” jump rope is anything but ordinary. Similar to the well-known battle ropes, you hold a multi-braided and slightly elastic rope with a thickness of 3 cm in your hands on the 2.8 m long jump rope. The ends are coated and ensure a non-slip grip. Training with the “Heavy Jumper” is neither speed nor technique in the foreground. Instead, it is a new way of training extreme endurance. In its universal size, the swinging rope is perfectly designed for individual sessions and promises unlimited sporting pleasure inside and outside.

  • multi-braided jump rope
  • diameter 3 cm
  • Universal size 2.8 m
  • weight 1.56 kg
  • color black/yellow

TOP TEN Jump Rope “Heavy Jumper XL”

46,00 €Τιμή
ΦΠΑ Περιλαμβάνεται
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