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A product with 2 functions, this is the head guard with grid by Hayashi. Optionally, you can wear the protector as full protection with grid, or solo as high-quality head protection with integrated cheekbone and chin guard. The removable hard plastic mask has a wide field of view and effectively protects your face from injury with its braces. But even solo, the head protector is an indispensable tool of your safety equipment. Padding and shaping meet the high safety standards of Hayashi. A reinforced ear area, as well as the rounded cheekbone protection and the wide chin protection promise a high protection performance. Double hook and loop closure on the back of the head supports the snug fit of the head protector.

  • 2 in 1 product of head protection & mesh
  • high security
  • cheekbone and chin guard
  • impact-absorbing upholstery

TOP TEN Head Guard with grill (CE)

SKU: 243-9005
80,00 €Τιμή
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