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Completely uncomplicated you make your focus mitt session with the TOP TEN focus mitt “Speed”. The black/red throw cushions made of a functional artificial leather can be used with passion. Their simplicity and simple structure is their biggest asset if the training is designed to be varied. Without losing a lot of time, the “Speed” pads can be covered and you can easily alternate in the partner training anytime. The hands are safely guided over the finger webs and “Speed” is non-slip. With a fabulous weight of just 125 g / piece TOP TEN has achieved a masterpiece in terms of weight reduction. There are no compromises, however, in terms of safety performance and so set the “Speed” focus mitts on a high-quality foam core.

  • super light Focus mitts
  • impact-absorbing foam core
  • high grip comfort
  • durable synthetic leather cover

TOP TEN Focus Mitt “Speed” - black-red

SKU: 1119-9000
30,00 €Τιμή
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