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Keep a complete overview on the mat and get the TOP TEN face mask, an additional official tool from WAKO for Pointfighting U 10/ U 13. The mask is made of break-proof and transparent polycarbonate and specially designed for point fighting requirements. It is attached to one of your TOP TEN headgear with hook and loop fasteners in a matter of seconds and significantly increases its safety in the eye and nose area. The mask also protects even the chin area to absorb uppercut or knee impacts effectively. Your breathing remains undisturbed through the ventilation openings on your nose and mouth. The easy-care properties of your TOP TEN face mask, which can be cleaned with clear water and disinfected if necessary, also ensure a good feeling.

  • break-proof polycarbonate
  • additional tool for TOP TEN head protection
  • simple hook and loop fastening
  • official mask for WAKO Pointfighting U 10/ U 13

TOP TEN Face mask (WAKO approved U 10/ U 13)

SKU: 0064
45,00 €Τιμή
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