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Get the incomparable style of the TOP TEN “PRISM” series in your hands with the boxing gloves of the same name in a total of 5 brilliant colors. The cover made of durable nubuck synthetic leather is high quality, and a precise seam technique makes the “PRISM” boxing gloves something extraordinary, not only in terms of design. In addition to graphic printing, the typical TOP TEN company print also finds its place and leaves no doubt about your equipment’s high quality. The dimensionally stable PPS foam core gives the “PRISM” excellent cushioning properties while still having a full feel. The strong hook and loop fastener ensures a perfect fit on your hands and, like the fixed thumb, is part of the TOP TEN safety concept.

Additional advantages:

  • robust synthetic leather boxing gloves
  • cushioning PPS foam padding
  • 5 brilliant color designs
  • “PRISM” graphic print
  • outside: nubuck synthetic leather; inside: PPS foam

TOP TEN Boxing Gloves “PRISM” PurpleSlim Cur Code 22622-7210

SKU: 22622-7210
60,00 €Τιμή
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