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Do not accept any compromises and use the “Theep” shin and instep guards from the TOP TEN IFMA collection in your Muay Thai training. Your protective equipment with a sophisticated safety concept ensures the best safety. On the surface of the shinbone and upper metatarsal, the cushioning padding is visible and noticeable. Due to the subdivision into small-area protective pads, the damping effect is excellent and can hardly be compared with any other product. As a firmly connected system, the “Theep” shin guard is simply put on using hook and loop fasteners and elastic foot straps. The back in the calf area was surprised with an additional protective layer. With their hard-wearing cover made of imitation leather, the “Theep” savers can keep up well in long-term training use.

  • durable faux leather cover
  • 360° protection zone
  • high-quality padding
  • ergonomic shape

Shin- and Instep Guard “Theep” IFMA 32196

75,00 €Τιμή
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