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Your focus in training is currently on strengthening your arm, shoulder, chest, and back muscles? Then the “Push up” push-up grips are just right for you. Small and compact, they fit into the home studio and the repertoire of every gym and club. Thanks to the non-slip feet, you have a perfect grip with the “Push up” on every floor, and you can carry out your push-ups without risk. Since your hands stay in an ergonomic position thanks to the handles, the exercises are much gentler on ligaments and tendons. In addition, push-ups with grips are more efficient because the way from top to bottom and back is longer. So that the “Push up” can also be used in group training, all components can be easily cleaned and disinfected as required.

  • space-saving training device
  • non-slip grip surface
  • excellent grip
  • promotes gentle hand posture

Pushup Trainer “PUSH UP”

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