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TOP TEN presents with the “hook” a technical punching bag of the extra class. The shape of the punching bag allows a diverse technique training of body hits, upper hooks, and numerous pedal combinations. The particularly robust outer fabric made of artificial leather makes the hook durable and resistant. Even training sessions with shoes or dabbing weapons, he easily withstood. Sweat and dirt can be easily washed off. About six tear-resistant nylon straps, the box-bag is using a pivot bearing (not included) to freely moving training device. With a padding made of textile fibers, the “hook” is suitable for a powerful martial arts training, as well as conditioning-enhancing workouts. In the black/red design and the most abrasion-resistant TOP TEN print, the “hook” punching bag is your new training highlight.

  • robust seams
  • resistant leatherette
  • textile filling
  • uppercut form

Punching bag, Heavy Bag “Hook” (filled)

SKU: 1112
230,00 €Τιμή
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