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Increase your performance and integrate a regular workout on the TOP TEN box punch “black punch” in your workout plan. The pear shape is particularly important for precisely set uppercut hooks but also trains the sense of distance. The boxing bag “black punch” made of durable black imitation leather can be easily hung in a corresponding wall mount or in a freestanding boxing station via the suspension loops. Due to the small space requirement, it is ideal for private use. But also in continuous use in the gym or the sports school convinced the TOP TEN quality with longevity through best workmanship. Inside, a mix of different textiles provides a high level of cushioning, which also allows for long power workouts.

Additional advantages:

  • durable synthetic leather
  • textile filling
  • suspension loops
  • easy care

Pear-shaped wrecking ball Nylon - black 15 Kg

SKU: 1127-9000
220,00 €Τιμή
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